ECTP-NETZSCH Young Scientist Award

The award intends to recognize exceptional scientific achievement in any area of thermophysical properties research by a young person (no more than 40 years of age at the time of award presentation).

ectp_rudtsch 1999    Steffen Rudtsch (Germany) ectp-monaghan 2002    Brian Monaghan (UK)
ectp_lourenko 2005    Maria José V. Lourenço (Portugal) ectp_brillo 2008    Juergen Brillo (Germany)
ectp_hellmann. 2011    Robert Hellmann (Germany) ectp_freire. 2014    Mara G. Freire (Portugal)
ectp_yakymovych 2017    Andriy Yakymovych (Austria) 2020    Umberto Berardi (Italy)
ectp_yakymovych 2023    Thomas M. Koller (Germany)