LifeTime Award

The Award is intended (a) to honour outstanding scientific work in any field of research on thermophysical properties, (b) to encourage efforts which help to understand and make it possible to predict the thermophysical properties of matter, (c) to underline the importance which the scientific community, as well as industry, attaches to the broadening of our knowledge about the thermophysical properties of matter.

1986    Eric Fitzer (Germany) 1988    Francois Cabannes (France)
ectp_raymonndtaylor 1990    Raymond E. Taylor (USA) 1993    Giuseppe Ruffino (Italy, posthumous)
1996    Hans E. Schmidt (Germany) 1999    Roy Taylor (UK)
ectp_maglik 2002    Kosta D. Maglic (Serbia) 2005    Ronald P. Tye (UK)
ectp_nagashima 2008    Akira Nagashima (Japan) ectp_wakeham 2011    Sir William A. Wakeham (UK)
ectp_haynes 2014    William M. Haynes (USA) ectp_righini  2017    Francesco Righini (Italy)
2020    Eckhard Vogel (Germany) ectp_assael  2023    Marc J. Assael (Greece)